Berkeley Animal Shelter




Square Footage:


Completion Date:


Structural System:

Moment frames and buckling restrained brace frames (BRBF)

Construction Cost:

$12 Million

LEED Certification:


The new two-story steel framed structure is on a tight industrial site. Poor quality soils required rammed aggregate piers and a reinforced concrete mat to limit settlement.

Named the Dona Spring Animal Shelter after a local champion for improved animal welfare, this important structure was built to replace an overcapacity, aged structure in West Berkeley.

Seismic forces are transferred using steel moment frames in one direction and buckling restrained braced (BRB) frames in the perpendicular direction. These systems served multiple purposes. The moment frames allowed for large open areas and flexible use of space. BRBs were concealed in solid permanent wall panels, and provided cost savings where flexibility in the space was not important. Both systems are highly ductile, which will improve earthquake survivability, and reduce loading on the foundation at this site with liquefaction potential.

Designed to LEED Silver standards, the project also includes a green roof.

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