Brooklyn Basin Foon Lok West

Multi-Family Housing



Square Footage:



130 (phase 1)

Completion Dates:

2022 Foon Lok West
& 2023 Foon Lok East

Structural System:

4-Story Type III-A Over 2-Story Type I-A

Photo Credit:

David Wakely Photography

New waterfront development in Oakland with parks and access to the Bay

IDA designed this 212,000 sf multifamily project to be constructed as two separate buildings, side-by-side, in two phases. Located in a beautiful waterfront location along with new parks and a view of the Bay, the first phase is called Foon Lok West and provides 130 affordable family units. Each of the buildings is four stories of wood construction over two-story podiums.

IDA reconfigured the foundation design – compared to previous phases by others – and saved a third of the mat slab thickness.

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