Rosa Parks II Senior Housing

Multi-Family Housing


San Francisco

Square Footage:




Completion Date:


Structural System:

Type V wood framing over a one-story Type I concrete post-tensioned podium structure

Construction Cost:

$30 Million

New affordable senior housing project in the Western Addition.

This project centers on the community it serves – with common areas, resident gardening programs, and inviting courtyards for the residents to come together and feel at home.

The structure is a four-story building of Type V wood framing over a one-story Type I concrete post tensioned podium structure. The building is being constructed in two parts with a 4-story bridge connection.

IDA designed the bridge to span between the two wings of the building and resist strong seismic forces at this tight urban location in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. A fixed connection was made at one end, while a modified seismic joint with snubbers was made to the opposite wing. This allowed the bridge framing to remain thin and light.

The project was developed by the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC).

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